Total Kidney Care Foundation is a non-profit public charitable organisation comitted for the betterment of poor Kidney patients those who have been advised for Dialysis.
If you want to contact us online then you can use our Query section of our website. There you can fill a form and submit to us. The second way is that you can contact us through E-mail. You can drop a mail on our E-mail ID.
If you want to meet us in person then you are most welcome at the following Address
Total Kidney Care Foundation,
S-131,105,106 ( UGF),
Jeevan Plaza,
Viram Khand-5,
Mob. : 9415018188, 9621788179
E-mail :,
Some Important Facts
  • Each kidney contains 1 million Nephrons that filter the blood every 2 minutes.
  • Kidneys are located near your middle back on either side of your spine
  • The left kidney is higher than the right One.
  • Kidney filter 200 litres of blood daily to remove toxins, wastes and water from the body.