The main objective of this organisation is to help the poor who are suffering from kidney related diseases and also those who undergo Dialysis every month which costs them ` 20,000.00 to ` 25,000.00 inspite of which they are unaware of how long will the dialysis being continued.
There are many people who cannot afford Dialysis, hence our objective is to provide financial help or free dialysis. Every patient has to go to Dialysis center twice a week.
Our main objectives are
  • To provide subsidized or free dialysis consumables during dialysis treatment to the needy patients of the society so that these patients will not be deprived of treatment due to financial difficulties.
  • To provide high quality low cost treatment to needy kidney patients.
  • To provide patients support services to all kidney patients.
  • To promote public awareness at large and to impart education of kidney diseases.
  • To organise educational programs on renal related issues for healthcare and medical professional.
  • To focus and attend only to a needy and poor group of patients who are from the lowest income group.
  • To do any charitable service and activities for the benefit of the poor and needy kidney patients.
Some Important Facts
  • Each kidney contains 1 million Nephrons that filter the blood every 2 minutes.
  • Kidneys are located near your middle back on either side of your spine
  • The left kidney is higher than the right One.
  • Kidney filter 200 litres of blood daily to remove toxins, wastes and water from the body.