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Kindey Care at Total Kidney Care Foundation
We at Total Kidney Care Foundation are committed to help poor Kidney patients those who cannot afford the costly treatement of Dialysis. We really want to provide every possible facility which these patients need. We strongly belive that education brings awareness. So to create awareness amongst Kidney patients we will we organising Education Camps where lectures and discussions will be held on Kidney disease.We will educate general practitioners regarding early detection and treatment of Kidney patients .
In the coming years our aim would be to provide a free ambulance service for dialysis patients, which would help them commute from their houses to the dialysis centre.
We are also providing free Kidney function test to poor patients and also they have the facility of free consultancy of Nephrologist.
We are providing free dialysis consumables like-dialyser, Avline, Fistulaneedle, Haemodialysis solutions for poor dialysis patients.
Haemodialysis fluid by Total Kidney Care Foundation
Haemodialysis fluid is produced by the blending of treated water with electrolytes at the patients bed side. Its preparation and composition are important elements of treatment optimisation since many of the constituents play a role in patient well-being.
dialyzer by Total Kidney Care Foundation
The Dialyzer is the piece of equipment that actually filters the blood. Almost all dialyzers in use today are of the hollow-fiber variety. A cylindrical bundle of hollow fibers, whose walls are composed of semi-permeable membrane, is anchored at each end into potting compound (a sort of glue).
Catheter by Total Kidney Care Foundation
Catheter consists of a plastic catheter with two lumens (or occasionally two separate catheters) which is inserted into a large vein (usually the vena cava, via the internal jugular vein or the femoral vein) to allow large flows of blood to be withdrawn from one lumen, to enter the dialysis circuit, and to be returned via the other lumen.
Some Important Facts
  • Each kidney contains 1 million Nephrons that filter the blood every 2 minutes.
  • Kidneys are located near your middle back on either side of your spine
  • The left kidney is higher than the right One.
  • Kidney filter 200 litres of blood daily to remove toxins, wastes and water from the body.